Giving Thanks for a Strong Economy

                While not perfect, our economy is strong.

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                Environmentalists: The Latest Crop of Thanksgiving Grinches

                Fet the threat to our waistlines. Thanksgiving dinner could pose a threat of global proportions, according to some recent headlines.

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                Video: Help Workers Prepare for Leave Time

                Too many workers, particularly low-wage and part-time workers, still lack sufficient paid time off. Policymakers can help by embracing reforms that help workers help themselves.

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                Melania Trump Rises to Occasion after Being Booed by Students at Opioid Event

                Nice manners, kids.

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                In New Movie, Mister Rogers Tells Us How to Have a Have a Happy Thanksgiving . . .

                Rogers’ TV show taught us that no matter our beliefs, race, political or ideological stripe, we all have inherent worth and we all have the capacity for love and fiveness.

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                Two Truths and a Lie: Antibiotics in Meat

                This week, millions of Americans are shopping for Thanksgiving groceries. Can you identify which of the following is NOT true about meat sold in the grocery store?

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                SNL’s Pete Davidson Finds Out that Political Correctness Just Isn’t That Funny

                The comedian won’t accept campus engagements after this year.

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                Hong Kong's Finest Hour

                Via PJ Media

                by Claudia Rosett

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                We’re making progress, but can do more to stop violence against women

                Via Washington Examiner

                by Andrea Bottner

                Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It marks the beginning of an annual International United Nations campaign urging 16 days of activism.

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                New Jersey's attack on the gig economy is also an attack on workers looking to make ends meet

                Via Fox News

                by Patrice Lee Onwuka

                Another strategy by revenue-hungry lawmakers and bitter labor unions to strangle innovation

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                Debaters sidestepped Trump's success on economy

                Via CNN

                by Carrie Sheffield

                Americans deserve debate moderators who focus on substance like this rather than partisan jockeying.

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                How High School Seniors Would Divide Their Future Work-Family Life Might Surprise You

                Via Institute for Family Studies

                by Naomi Schaefer Riley

                When it comes to gender roles and the way families manage the balance between work and raising kids, there is a big difference between what we think is fine for other people and what we would choose for ourselves.

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                Amazon Making Smart Competition Choices this Holiday Shopping Season ? Making Money

                Media Bias at All Time High During Impeachment Hearings ? Fox & Friends

                NYT sexist Tulsi smear ? Rising


                Why China poses an existential national security threat to America ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

                A Global Response to Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

                Climate Change Shakedown: Whats Happening with ExxonMobil ? Bloomberg Radio ? Listen >>>


                Teen vaping clouds the debate over safer alternatives to smoking

                Via Carolina Journal

                by Julie Gunlock

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                Conservative women matter, too

                Via Valiant News

                by Carrie L. Lukas

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                Republicans and Democrats Offer Rival Plans Regarding the Future of Health Care in America

                Via The Western Journal

                by Hadley Heath

                Republicans and Democrats are offering very different views on what America’s health care system should look like as the country heads into the 2020 election.

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